Luxury Replica Omega Speedmaster “Apollo 11” 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

50 years ago, the human beings successfully landed on the moon, which not only had rewritten the history, but also brought much more possibilities for exploring the space. In order to celebrate the 50th golden anniversary of this important historical event, Omega releases a significant fake watch to pay tribute to the legendary Apollo 11 and the astronauts.

The timepiece has maintained all the iconic features of the moon watch released in 1969.

Moonshine™ Gold Bracelet Fake Omega

In 1969, the whole world was celebrating the success of Apollo 11 moon landing. And on November 25, an astronaut victory dinner was held in Huston to pay tribute to the moon landing heroes. A special designed Omega became the highlight of the dinner which featured the 18K gold case and burgundy bezel. The words of “to mark man’s conquest of space with time, through time, on time” had been engraved on the back and they wore gifted to the astronauts. The new 42 mm Omega Speedmaster copy watch has been created on basis of the original moon watch of BA145.022 that was released in 1969.

The material of the case is not 18k gold but the innovative Moonshine™ gold developed by Omega.

Burgundy Bezel Replica Omega Speedmaster

The material of the case and bracelet is not the ordinary 18 K gold, instead, it is the innovative material that Omega develops which is called Moonshine™ gold. Omega imitation with Moonshine™ gold case has maintained all the iconic elements of the original model well.