Getting Close To Space Exploration History Of Replica Omega Watches

It is a good opportunity for many watch lovers to participate in the activity “Speedy Tuesday”. Charlie Duke, who had performed the Apollo projects five times. Following him, the watch lovers will know much more about the space adventure and moon landing.

The Speedmaster has been favored by many watch fans especially who are interested in the moon landing.

Steel Case Knockoff Omega

Referring to the space or moon, many watch lovers will think of the perfect fake Omega Speedmaster watches. It is exactly the Speedmaster that accompanied all the astronauts complete the tasks safely.

Following Charlie Duke, we will know more about the legendary history of moon landing.

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This time Omega also creates a limited edition to support the #SpeedyTuesday. From the picture you will know that this black dial copy Omega has maintained all the iconic features of Speedmaster.

Does Replica Omega Create Watches With Two-Colored Ceramic Bezels?

I told that now Omega couldn’t manufacture the two-colored ceramic bezel except the white-black one before. Many watch lovers contradict that the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M was just with the two-colored ceramic bezel. Is that true?

The diamonds hour markers enhance the charm of the timepiece.

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In fact, the bezel of the perfect fake Omega Seamaster is with two colors, but it is not with two colors, instead, it is exactly a single colored ceramic bezel with the rubber from 0 to the quartz. The Seamaster with the distinctive bezel was firstly released in 2016, which could be considered as the market strategy to cope with the two-colored bezel of Rolex.

It makes the wearers more charming and confident.

Steel Case Omega Seamaster Replica

It can be said that Omega is smart. Rolex researched the two -colored ceramic in the lad for many years but Omega adopts the concept of fusion, making the dream of the two-colored bezel come true. Look at the picture, you will see that the orange rubber on the black ceramic bezel add the dynamic touch to the black dial copy Omega as well as other orange elements on the model.